How do you begin unschooling?


You’re here because you are considering homeschooling or unschooling and want to know how to begin unschooling.  I would guess you are fed up with the school system, had a teacher that you butted heads with or you child just didn’t get along, or (like me) you were working long hours and coming home and felt like you were the one teaching your child.  I was doing all the projects for my kids because they Continue reading

Homeschool Skate party

We had our very fist skate party for all the homeschoolers in the Savannah GA area at SK8city in Pooler GA.  I have set up a time for all the homeschool kids to go skating once a month from 10am – 12pm all year-long.  We had 33 skaters show up today which I think was a great turn out  The kids got to skate for 2 hours, eat pizza and got a drink and 4 Continue reading

What are the 10 steps to start unschooling?

You are here because you would like to learn 10 Steps start homeschooling. I am glad that you want to learn about Unschooling. First off I want to congratulate you because not many people think or wish to take on this big task. Some think it’s too hard, and others think they can’t stand being around their kids all day.  If I can do it then so can you, and believe it or not, it is super easy, Continue reading

Frida Kahlo – homeschool art projects

Art Projects for homeschooling included taking an art class from scribble art studio where we are doing a segment on Meet the masters.  This week we learned about Frida Kahlo and why she did so many self portraits and how she was able to have an exclusive show at the Louvre in Paris France. The girls were so excited because they have actually been to The Louvre in Paris France, and began telling everyone about Continue reading

Do Motorcycle helmet make good homes

The best place for a nest is Munchy’s motorcycle helmet… She ran out to the garage get a hammer so we could pound open there Geodes.  Munchy ran back in the house and said “I see a stick by my helmet, and I think there is a nest.”  We all ran out to the garage and can you believe it there is a nest in her helmet.  I am so excited, sense something ate all Continue reading

Magic Science Experiments

Magic Science Experiments I have four apprentice magicians that wanted to combine magic and science and this is how we made our magic science experiments. We took out our magic ingredients of citric acid, a base ( baking soda), vegetable oil, zinc sulfide, polyacrylamide, golden paper, water, and a magic wand to make different potions, and we even made things disappear. Our first experiment was to make a magic wand… This took an hour to Continue reading