SK8 CITY Pooler Feb info

SK8 City in  Pooler **UPDATE** SK8city has made us a great deal – come join all the homeschooler in Savannah and surrounding area for skating every month 10-12 The last Thursday of every month Cost $7 – which includes …. skating for 2 hours, skate rental, 1 slice pizza, 1 small drink, 4 tokens to play video games, soft play area More info click here [contentblock id=17 img=gcb.png] First every Skating party at SK8city… 4 Towne Continue reading

Homeschooling Disney World trip

I have been on a mini vacation from the blog but I wanted to share  are little trip, homeschooling Disney World trip . We went with the Carolina Homeschool group right in the middle of all the crowds. So this actually counted as 9 school days. The girls got to do a behind the scene class at Magic Kingdom and got to see how the ghosts appear in the haunted house. We went to Epcot Continue reading

Making Rice Crispy eggs

How we made Rice Crispy Eggs The kids woke up about 9:30 and we got dressed and went and played tennis. We decided to make the rice-crispy eggs with m&m’s inside.  McKenzey melted the butter and Belle measured the marshmallows and cereal. Then we coated pam on the inside of the eggs. The kids started putting the mixture in the eggs and made a pocket with our thumb. It ws a very messy adventurre. My tips for marshmellow Eggs First, let it cool Continue reading

Not all homeschool groups are not friendly

We went to the library to meet some other homeschool kids and oh yea maybe learn something. So, when we got there they said that we couldn’t join.  The book they were working on, Around the World in 80 Days,  they started 2 weeks ago.  In Unschooler fashion, we decided that this group wasn’t for us. The whole reason we are not going to regular school is so we don’t have to do book reports, worksheets and Continue reading