Silver City is a town full of history and City of Rocks has some amazing science


SIlver City is a town full of history, violent crimes, a very famous outlaw, silver mines and land that used to be occupied by the Apache Indians.  As always we started with the visitors center in the middle of town and discovered all the places to eat, see and do in the city. Our tour of the town started off with a visit to Billy the Kid’s (William Booney) family home.  It was right out front of the visitor center and showed how the cowboys lived in the late 1800.  Then we made our way to the main street that was Continue reading

How do Unschoolers learn science and art

Unschoolers learn conservation and science

How Unschoolers learn about animals and Conservation: The Spring River Zoo was a little dirty and I felt like the animals didn’t have a lot of room but no one can complain about the price, FREE. We loved the zoo and was happily surprised at how close you could get to all the animals, and the information about each animal.  Each poster listed ways we could help with conservation and the environment.  We were even able to pet some animals and got to watch them feed a few. There was a wide variety of animals and the girls were able Continue reading

Do you believe in the Roswell UFO Incident


Do you believe in the Roswell UFO Incident? If your nine and ten of course you believe. Your imagination may run a little wild and you might imagine meeting some green guy’s on a family vacation from another world and keep up correspondence with the alien kids form Zanzarbar only 553 light years away.  This is what Huggs and Munchy were discussing as we entered New Mexico.  They also were discussing how electricity was given to the Egyptians thousands of years ago by the aliens and how could anyone build those pyramids – it had to be the aliens.  I Continue reading

Unschooling Lessons: Science at Cascade Caverns in Boerne, Texas

Cascade Caverns

As an unschool teacher, and a very laid back mom, I never do any lesson plans.  Yes I wing everything, like today when we went to Cascade Caverns in Boerne, Texas.  My thought process here is that if I need to make a unschool lesson plans, print out work sheet, grade papers, give tests and do all that stuff teachers are required to do – then heck I should just send them to “normal” school and let the teacher do it. Now with my very layed back approach I still do some research, or rather let the kids do it.  The Continue reading

SAS Factory Tour in San Antonio Texas

SAS factory tour

If you are visiting San Antonio and can only visit one thing, then don’t miss out on the SAS Factory Tour.  Not only is this tour FREE but you also get to visit the old General Store that is adjoined to the factory.  I was amazed at how many steps that go into making these handmade, comfortable shoes for our older generation, and people with ankle and foot injuries.  The tour takes you through each step of the process and lets watch these men and women do their particular job to making a shoe, some have done the same job Continue reading

Science at the Nature center in Bayou Signette State Park


We were so excited to be traveling and homeschooling across America.  We have made it through 4 states so far and have found history, science, math and geography in every state we visit.  We were especially excited to find the nature center at,  Bayou Signette State Park,was still open in the winter. Our guide had animal skins for the kids to touch, skeletons, pictures and posters of all native Louisiana animals. Inside the nature center were an alligator turtle, several snakes, turtles and fish.  The guide answered every question the girls could come up with and he told us several Continue reading

Unschool history in Louisiana

Unschool history in Louisiana

How do we Unschool history in Louisiana?  While in New Orleans we learned about the history of the state and the city by going to some of the museums around town, looking for historical markers and taking a walking tour. The first place we found was the Louisiana state museum. Adults are only $6 a piece and kids under 12 are free.  The two state museums offer Louisiana history, predating European history all the way through the current day.  Living with hurricanes like Katrina and beyond, Mardi Gras carnivals and a hidden area for the history of rock-n-roll in Louisiana. Continue reading

Free actives to do with kids in Mobile, Alabama

Free kids activities in Mobile, Alabama

It is always hard to find free activities to do with kids while you are traveling.  One of our favorite things to do is go downtown to the historic district and find the welcome center.  This time we hit the Jack Pot with advice, Mobile has tons of free activities, places to go and even a bus that will take you all over down town for free. Fort Conde is located in the heart of Mobile Alabama in the downtown district.  We decided to go visit the fort because not only is it FREE but we thought we could do a Continue reading