Montezuma Castle National Monument


Who wouldn’t like to live up in the sky, at least away from predators, flood waters, and were it is cool in summer and warm in the winter.  That it was the girls learned while doing their Jr. Ranger badge at Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well.  The girls learned science, about the animals that live in the area, environment, eco system, history and culture.  This was one of our nationals first national monuments proclaimed by Theodore Roosevelt and America’s first car bound tourist destination. Many of you following along with us, as we make our way across America, wish you Continue reading

We got our kicks on route 66 in the stone ages and more Roadside fun

route 66

More roadside fun, try to guess what landmarks we got to see.  The first clue is from a very famous movie about a cars and the phrase, “Get your kicks on Route 66”.  We drove … the city….. to see all the characters in the movie …..  Actually we have been having a lot of fun driving through different towns that the movie was based on.  While eating lunch at Route 66 sandwich shop, the cashier told us that her friends auto shop was the one they based it on in the movie and most of it was based right Continue reading

Sonora Desert Museum Unschooling Taxadermy science


Some may say that learning with taxidermy is just gross but I say it is an awesome way to see these animals unclose.  I was blown away by how big some of these animals actually are, like the polar bear compared to the brown bear.  It was amazing to get so close to the animals that you could almost touch them. We have been to a lot of zoos and have seen many animals interacting with each other  in their natural habitats but this is just a new way to look at them.  We also learned about conservation, and how Continue reading

White Dove of the Desert


I love looking at historic missions and churches for their beauty and architecture. We were able to study geography, history, American Indian culture, Spanish history, religion, restoration and architecture at this beautiful mission, Mission San Xavier del Bac.  The best part was the free admission and they have tours 3 times a day for free. We were lucky enough to  be with a very small group and our tour guide had fun telling the girls stories about the church. This is the oldest intact European structure in Arizona, originally part of New Spain it was founded by a Jesuit, Fr. Eusebio Continue reading

Ghost town Historical Markers and Rockhound State Park


Ghost towns have been on our bucket list from the beginning and we finally got to see one on the border of New Mexico and Arizona.  Stein’s Ghost town has a very dark past and recently the owner’s father was killed which closed down this historic site for several months.  The town was named Doubtful Canyon due to the constant threat of Indians. Captain Stein was killed here resulting in the naming of Steins Pass.  Since we were pulling the trailer the girls were only able to see Stein’s Ghost Town from the exit. The exciting thing is for the Continue reading

Silver City is a town full of history and City of Rocks has some amazing science


SIlver City is a town full of history, violent crimes, a very famous outlaw, silver mines and land that used to be occupied by the Apache Indians.  As always we started with the visitors center in the middle of town and discovered all the places to eat, see and do in the city. Our tour of the town started off with a visit to Billy the Kid’s (William Booney) family home.  It was right out front of the visitor center and showed how the cowboys lived in the late 1800.  Then we made our way to the main street that was Continue reading

How do Unschoolers learn science and art

Unschoolers learn conservation and science

How Unschoolers learn about animals and Conservation: The Spring River Zoo was a little dirty and I felt like the animals didn’t have a lot of room but no one can complain about the price, FREE. We loved the zoo and was happily surprised at how close you could get to all the animals, and the information about each animal.  Each poster listed ways we could help with conservation and the environment.  We were even able to pet some animals and got to watch them feed a few. There was a wide variety of animals and the girls were able Continue reading

Do you believe in the Roswell UFO Incident


Do you believe in the Roswell UFO Incident? If your nine and ten of course you believe. Your imagination may run a little wild and you might imagine meeting some green guy’s on a family vacation from another world and keep up correspondence with the alien kids form Zanzarbar only 553 light years away.  This is what Huggs and Munchy were discussing as we entered New Mexico.  They also were discussing how electricity was given to the Egyptians thousands of years ago by the aliens and how could anyone build those pyramids – it had to be the aliens.  I Continue reading