Don Scheer Memorial Packhorse Races

When I think of cowboys, I think of the Don Scheer Memorial Packhorse races that are held every year in Dubois, WY.  Not only is it great fun for the town but is a family get together for many generations, and lots activities for the kids. The men competed on Saturday and the old timers and women on Sunday.  I was told by a local that these games have going on for over 35+ years. Continue reading

Tour of Historic Gruene, Texas

Being on a budget while traveling full-time makes it hard to entertain the kids and still get a good homeschool education. We spend the majority of our income on camping sites, food and gas for both cars.  I like to find free things we can do on the road like touring historic towns, visiting zoos, museums, aquariums, going on hikes. I like to think of Unschooling as fun school or doing fun things and learning Continue reading

Georgetown Family Tradition: Fava’s Restaurant

We love trying out new restaurants that are unique to a town.  This time we decided to try visit a restaurant that has been around since 1910 and is known for its milk shakes and catfish sandwiches.  The best part is that we got to go with my aunt who lives in the area, and the restaurant was new to her also. Time stops as you enter under the red and white striped awning, and Continue reading

Thanksgiving school Roseway boat

Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner where everyone get on each other nerves we decided to go on a 137 foot wooden fishing yacht that was built 1925 called Roseway, a boat used to teach kids about sailing .  It was a lot of fun for all of us and the kids really enjoyed riding on the boat. They got to help pull the line to raise the sails, learned how to tie knots, watch Continue reading