We studied Geometry by playing Pirate Putt-Putt math

We studied Geometry by playing Pirate Putt-Putt math . The kids learned about studying angles, points, lines,  all by playing Pirate Putt-Putt. We went through one time completely.  Then McKenzey had to go potty so we went the second by skipping ahead. We jumped ahead of a lot of people.  The girls both got holes in one so the nice owner gave us 2 free games. After some Putt-Putt math I let the girls each get Continue reading

Pickney Island National Wildlife

We went to pickney Island and oh did we get lost – OK really we just went down the wrong road and got to the end and decided we should turn around – took us an extra hour to get home but Isabelle thought we were lost and never going to get home … We saw a fiddler crabs and chased them all over the dried up pond- we saw lots of birds and a baby alligator.  Then we Continue reading

Jasper Park

We decided to go to Jasper Park the other day just to walk around and get some energy out.  We had a lot of fun the most exciting part was when a snake ran over Isabelle feet – she was behind us and ran past me to beside Jack, lets just say Mac and I laughed our heads off. It was so hot instead of drawing pictures of all the plants I thought it would be Continue reading