Savannah After dark tales of the lost soles

Have you ever wondered what happens in Savannah after dark? The best way to find out is by taking a Savannah Ghost Tour, the original ghost tour.  We loved this tour because our guide told the history and real ghost stories, He told us stories that he had heard by more that one person and not the made up tall tales. Savannah After Dark It was a dark and stormy night, actually, it was quite Continue reading

A typical Unschooler day: Art class and math

Follow our typical Unschool day where we did an Art class and math. Ok, no day is ever the same in an Unschool house and we are no exception. Belle has been asking to take an art class and we found one that our friends could take with us. Typical Unschool Day Our Typical Unschool day started at Belle’s new art class at Scribble Art Studio.  We are going during the day with about 7 Continue reading

J.K. Rowling

J.K.Rowling is one of my favorite authors who wrote one of my all time favorite books, Harry Potter. I am not an avid reader but I loved the whole Harry Potter series. The girls and I are currently reading a biography of J. K. Rowling. We have done a video on the first part of the book and will continue to read and discuss the book as we finish the biography. Seahorses… We also read Continue reading