Which Pumpkin has the most pumpkin seeds – Scary Halloween Pumpkin Experiments

How many seeds in pumpkin

Sometimes it is hard as a homeschool parent or teacher to come up with great learning ideas.  You have to get very creative and this time I found a fun experiment that covers more than one area of study.  This Halloween science experiment is great because it teaches math, estimation, measuring, science, reading, and it is tons of fun! 1.  Find Perfect Pumpkin I started off the Halloween Science experiment by letting the kids choose Continue reading

Grow a Pumpkin Plant without a traditional pot – Scary Halloween Pumpkin Experiments

plant a pumpkin

Can you grow a pumpkin without a traditional pot?  In our second experiment, we wanted to see if we could grow a pumpkin from the pumpkin seed that are already inside a pumpkin when you open it up. Here is what you need to grow a Pumpkin Plant: Pumpkin – any size Potting soil Knife and saw Watering can Adult supervision – to cut open the pumpkin Child to help put in soil and help Continue reading