What the best product to get knots out of Barbie hair

What is the best product to get knots out of Barbie hair or knots out of your American Dolls Hair?  If your doll is loved at all they end up getting knots in the their hair.  The girls decided that it would be fun to do a science activity and see which products work the best.  No, we didn’t write down our finding or come up with a question to begin with, we just had fun Continue reading

How to get perfect curls: Pipe cleaner rollers

How do you get perfect curls? With Pipe cleaner rollers and a willing participant. I couldn’t find my soft rollers that you can wear in your hair overnight. So we came up with a very cheap, very inexpensive way to roll your hair and keep them in overnight. The secret item…… Pipe cleaner, any color. I suggest the soft kind and not sparkly pretty ones. First, Get your stack of pipe cleaners, and freshly washed Continue reading

Color girls hair

Last night I saw a really cool video on how to color the girls hair, you take small sections and temporarily color them different colors using chalked pastels. The basic idea is to take chalk (she suggested pastels) and dip or spray the chalk with hot water and take a small section of hair and in one smooth direction paint the hair. It works ok but we also found color sticks by crayola that only Continue reading