Bug Painting Badges Girl Scout Badges

We had our second Girl scout meeting today with all five little girls.  This time we decided to work on the bug painting badges together.   I must say being a unschooler makes it very hard to get organized and be prepared before everyone shows up.   So right now the moms are winging it, and as long as the girls are together, I don’t think they have noticed that the moms have no idea Continue reading

The best place to start learning about our history

Where is the best place to start learning about your own history? In your hometown, of course. Consequently, our hometown is Savannah, Ga. So, we decided to take some tours in Savannah. We went downtown and learned about Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace. That is to say, there was a ton of information about her. In conclusion, it was really neat and the kids really enjoyed the tour. Unfortunately, We were only allowed to take pictures outside Continue reading

Home scientist Badge

We have been working on our home science badge. The best part about Unschooling is it allows us to have a whole day of nothing but science. We picked out five experiments that we thought we would try. Some of the experiments we very successful and others I think we need to try again.  Follow along with us as we try to learn from our failures. Dancing Peppers First, we made pepper dance, the girls Continue reading

Girl Scout House

Isabelle girl scout troop went to the Juliet Gordon Lowe House to walk the bridge and officially become a Brownie. A lady that works at the Juliet House talked to the girls about the history of the Girl Scouts, which was really interesting. I took McKenzey with me so she could learn too. I think we are going to get the big badge book and see if we can do more badges at home – wish us Continue reading