Biking math

Yep we decided that we needed some fresh air so the girls and I went down to Hopscotch Lane and ride around. McKenzey just learned how to ride without training wheels ( I am so proud). So they rode around people’s drive ways and when they passed me they had to say the answer to a multiplication problem. We did 0 times tables, 1, 2, 3, 4s and 5s, of course Belle did great on Continue reading

Letters – Santa

Is handwriting going to be lost communication, so that our grandchildren won’t even need to learn how to do it. I recently had a group of women at the playground inform me that they are not teaching cursive in school anymore, which got my little mind wondering is handwriting necessary. My girls do most of their communication typing on the computer or on their little iPads, they don’t pick up a pen or pencil unless Continue reading