Wildlife refuge at Georgia Southern

wild life refuge

Our crazy rv adventure has sent us into overdrive and with all of our packing, moving, deciding what to get rid of and what to keep we still managed to take a field trip to Wildlife refuge at Georgia Southern. We got to learn about different habitats, touch creepy crawly snakes, see birds fly and spend time with our homeschool friends. Our guide at the Wildlife refuge at Georgia Southern started the kids off by talking about the Continue reading

Unschooling Science: Beam me up into space, Scotty


Learning about science is fun especially when you beam up into space. We took a new high-tech space ship around all the planets. The kids even got to fly meters from the sun.  We lost power, our robot got all crazy, and we hit one of Saturn’s many asteroids. We actually visited the Georgia Southern planetarium and did a free show.  It started off with a phone call and NASA asked us to do a mission Continue reading