Roadside Fun: Name the city where sweet onions are grown in Georgia

This small town got its fame from a movie starring a green ogar (Shriek) that help promote the sweet onions. The answer to this question, “In what city are sweet onion grown in the state of Georgia”, has been on countless tv shows, and game shows. Most of my friends should get this answer in one guess since we live 1.5 hours away and grew up on the yummy vegetables. They were first sold in Continue reading

Underground Railroad at Fort Pulaski

It amazes me that many adults and children do not know about the Underground Railroad at Fort Pulaski, much less its history and origins. The Ranger began by telling us ‘there is no train depot here at Fort Pulaski and no tunnels that lead into town’. He went on to tell us information I had never learned in school about the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad refers to the efforts of enslaved people seeking freedom by escaping from Continue reading

Civil War History at Fort Pulaski

I love getting outside and exploring historical sites around town, and one of my favorite is learning about Civil War history at Fort Pulaski.  This fort was used during the 19th Century as a defense against overseas enemies. This fort didn’t see much fighting, and most days the men played baseball and hung out waiting for something to happen. I thought it would be fun this time to explore Cocksure Island, Parade grounds, trails, and what is Continue reading

We are off on our first adventure

It is five pm Wednesday and we are finally off on our adventure. Rubber Ducky ( the hubby) has been sick last couple nights and we lost our extra keys for the camper. Hopefully we just misplaced the keys. Rubber Ducky is concerned that we have way too much stuff. We are off on the adventure of a lifetime. This family gets to see the US the way everyone dreams of, in a RV. Saying Continue reading

McIntyre Family adventure begins November 1st

photography 101

The count down begins for the McIntyre family adventure… Starting November 1st 2013 we are going to move into a RV and travel the US, Canada and maybe even Mexico.  Yes we are moving into a 400 sq. ft. box on wheels, and yes we are nuts!  I got off the same walkway as everyone else 4 years ago when I decided to dive into homeschooling (or unschooling) , with no idea of what I Continue reading