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Geocaching on Skidaway Island in Savannah GA

Geocaching is a fun treasure hunt that the whole family can do for FREE. All you need is a GPS or better yet the geocaching app on your iPhone. I found out there are over 2 million geocaching places all over the world. Here is basically how it works… Geocaching 101 You open up your app and find geocaching that is near you that you would like to find. Click on the app and away Continue reading

Unschooling with Wright Brother’s jeopardy and making Lamp work beads

Everyday Unschooling is different and filled with adventures.  I don’t make educational plans but sometimes the girls come up with great ideas.  We started our Unschool day with Belle announcing we were making lampwork beads. Then the girls wanted to learn about flying and the Wright Brothers. My first thought, what the heck our lampwork beads and how our we going to make learning about Wright Brothers fun. Polymer Clay Lapwork look-alike glass beads The Continue reading

Help solve case 2 adventure game

This time in case 2, Dr. Hucklebuckle is getting crazy and has stolen….. sorry guys I can’t tell you that would take all the fun out of it!  Agents we need your help to figure it out – I am still shaking my head with confusion!! I have no what Dr. Hucklebuckle is doing with these things she takes. Feel out the comments and let us know the item she stole and where it was Continue reading

Spelling, spelling spelling

Ok, we didn’t do spelling all day but we did  spelling most of the day. The elves on the shelves got the Bananagrams Game going last night, so we decided to barrow some of their letters and do our own scrabble game. We first came up with lots of christmas words, tried to spell them, game to race and spell them, and we Mac came back while her sister was playing with something else and do Continue reading

Silly Pumpkin math game, Fun Halloween experiments, and activities

Since Halloween is this month we decided to do a Silly Pumpkin Math Game.  Of course, we had more fun drawing silly pumpkin pictures. We loved playing because it got the girls doing a little addition. They had fun drawing silly pictures so they weren’t thinking about the math part. Unschool math Over the years we have learned that math can be taught so many different ways. The most important thing is that the kids have fun. Continue reading