Slumber party

 Slumber Party Yes, I am nuts I let 12 girls spend the night.  I was shocked at how good they all behaved and how much fun everyone had at the slumber party. The girls started off the day with their  roller skates, watched a movie, read some stories, played littlest  pet shop, played a few games on the iPad, and then ended up doing a fashion show. Ok it really was a nice night since Continue reading

Can I homeschool with computers?

Can you homeschool with computers? The answer is always yes, heck they are doing it in “public school”.  These kids have a computer lab everyday, and they do their homework on the computer. Unschoolers primarily use the iPad/computer as their main source of education, ok I do, I can’t speak for other unschoolers.  We love the Apple iPad 2 because there are so many educational apps, and they are so much fun they don’t even know Continue reading

Fall festival Savannah Unlimited homeschool

The Savannah Unlimited homeschool  group of Savannah (SUHN) had a Fall Festival at Lake Meyer today and everyone brought food and games.  There was bowling ( our contribution, huge hit), apple bobbing, pumpkin crafts, apple spin, pin the nose on the pumpkin, pumpkin seed straw pickup, and witch hat toss.  The kids all took turns playing all the games and playing on the playground.  We had about 25 kids ages 0-14, some dressed up in costumes and some just Continue reading

Ipad games

Yep and your kids can learn a little too…. I updated my page (ok got it working).  You can find  all the educational games you want for your iPad 2, and a couple of fun ones too. I did all the dirty work – just go to the page on your iPad and click on the link and you go right to the page that will allow you to buy. iPad Apps page

Flying Frogs

Yep I broke down and let the girls go to flying frog’s…. It wasn’t so bad, since we went while everyone was at school. I did not miss all the screaming little kids and the girls had a blast. They played lots of games and got 300 tokens between the two of them, and they met a girl from florida and ran through tunnels with her for hours. Then we went to Munchies and got Continue reading

iPad Games

We worked on the iPad games today. Are favorite was build a skeleton you practice putting the human body together like a puzzle. The girls got so excited about it, that I went on the Internet and printed a picture of the skeleton so they could see how it was put together. They must have played with it for a good hour making different ones and then Mac made a video – The girls played Continue reading