Stocking the Lake at Diamond Lake

Unschooling is about asking questions, finding answers and asking more questions.  We love this process and use it in every aspect of our life.  Today we learned how the lake at Diamond Lake gets stocked with fish. We were able to ask the manager of the marina and the fish guys lots of questions – here a few: Did the lake naturally have fish in it when it was first discovered?  No we have been Continue reading

Jingle bells – frogs

Jingle Bells is a book about a man named James Pierpont, who wrote the song Jingle Bells. It’s based on facts, and is believed that he wrote the story in Savannah. We meet the author last fall at the book fair in Forsyth Park. Well let’s let the girls tell you about the book….. This afternoon Belle and I read a book about a frog named Rex. We both learned some really neat facts about Continue reading