Random France questions

The girls finished the 3 projects I gave them on France.  This time they had to answer random question that I came up with about France.  I was thinking it would teach them how to look up stuff on the internet and find the answers.  I believe it’s one of the most valuable skills kids can learn, I am not so concerned about memorizing dates, names and events, because they find what they are looking for in less than 10 seconds. The girls are leaving for France in one week so we are learning a little French history before they go. Continue reading

make a craft – fairy garden

make a craft – fairy garden The girls wanted to make a craft so they did a  3-D Fairy Garden they got from Santa.  It took two days but they colored all the animals and fairies.  The girls had so much fun making the fairies and set up thier fairy garden.    We are going to see ”Big Miracle” movie tomorrow so I made the girls find 5 facts about whales.  I also got the girls to write down their facts in thier fancy notebook, just for fun. McKenzey did lesson 4 on French and Belle did lesson 1 again.  Belle is Continue reading

More French, math -money

McKenzey made another 100 on level 2, belle was another story. Isabelle got really mad and frustrated at the computer so I decided that she should take a break and try again another day. Both girls also did khan academy also, I love that site. McKenzey is working on multiplication 1.5 which is 123 x 2, which is giving her a run for her money but I think she is getting it. The girls also watched the 3rd kid biz movie, what can you do with money. There are four things you can do with your money, save, spend, donate, Continue reading

French math

This morning both girls got right up and did their French and math. We are starting over taking French using Rosetta Stone and hopefully this time we will stick with it. Both girls did math using Khan academy. McKenzey did two classes on negative numbers and Belle did a class on adding 100 numbers (example 487+ 596) Then both girls watched a really neat video about the heart. Bill Nye the science guy is so much fun and so silly, the girls just love all of his videos. We also went to the library and here are the books we Continue reading

Christmas around – world

Since we haven’t done anything for the last couple days, mainly because I haven’t felt like it. I decided we would look up how different kids all over the world celebrated Christmas. I thought everyone else would enjoy it so I include some of the facts we found. We did however manage to watch all three Santa movies. So here are the top 25 thing we remember about the Santa movies and what we found out in our cool Santa book. 1) Santa clause is lactose intolerant until he becomes Santa. 2) every Santa has his own snow globe. 3) Continue reading

Candy overload…

My cowgirl and little pirate got so much candy this time, I couldn’t believe it. We went with a friend trick or treating, and by the end we had 2 bags a piece, yea I said it four total bags of candy. Of course the smart mom that I am I dumped all the candy into a bowl and put it on top of the refrigerator then told the girls they could earn there candy by doing school work and being really good. Last two morning we did math at khan academy.org which so far the girls love. Mac is Continue reading