Mapping and surveying

mapping and surveying

Mapping and Survey class was a lot of fun. Mr. Dale Yawn meet our homeschool group at Forsyth Park to show us the basics of what a surveyor does. We learned that to be a surveyor you need to not only be really good at math. You also need to be really good at history. A surveyor makes maps, measure building, roads, sidewalks, monuments, rivers, mountains, swamps, and even the Eiffel Tower. They mostly use computers Continue reading

Seussical Musical – water lilly

I have been very slack the last couple days and haven’t been posting what the girls have been learning about, so for the next couple days I am recapping to get everyone up to speed. These are in particular order so just enjoy…. Seussical the Musical – two of our friends (Rylee, and Riley) were in the play. They were awesome and it was really exciting trying to pick out our friends on the stage. Continue reading

Drawing Love Bugs – art class

Art class was all about love bugs.  All the kids in art class started by drawing several love bugs and then they  picked their favorite one , and drew it really big, painted it and then added clothing or fun designs to their love bugs.  They really made some cute love bugs.  Mac still doesn’t want to do art so she worked on division on her Apple iPad 2 and hung out with all the Continue reading