Wildlife refuge at Georgia Southern

wild life refuge

Our crazy rv adventure has sent us into overdrive and with all of our packing, moving, deciding what to get rid of and what to keep we still managed to take a field trip to Wildlife refuge at Georgia Southern. We got to learn about different habitats, touch creepy crawly snakes, see birds fly and spend time with our homeschool friends. Our guide at the Wildlife refuge at Georgia Southern started the kids off by talking about the Continue reading

Wright Brothers Jeopardy Game

Today we started reading about the Wright brothers, both girls took turns reading. I decided it would be fun to see how much we learned by playing a Jeopardy game. So Mac decided that we needed a buzzer, so she found our short-circuit kit we had and built one. I was amazed that she figured it all out by herself and here she is to explain it. After the Wright Brothers Jeopardy game she took it Continue reading