Lecture from Super Hero of snake bites at MS Museum of Natural Science

Have you ever been bitten by a snake or spider and wondered what to do?  I hope you haven’t because that would really hurt and who wants to spend the day in the hospital.  No one got bit here but we did meet the super hero of spider and snake bites and listened to an amazing talk, at the MS Museum of Natural Science in Jackson Mississippi, on what you should do if you do Continue reading

Update: How to Set Up an Aquaponics Kit and Rock Candy

We wanted to let you know how great our Aquaponics Kit and our fish, Mr. Bubbles, is doing.  One month has passed since we set up our kit, and the plants have gotten so big that we had to put them in ponytails so they wouldn’t go everywhere. Mr. Bubbles is waiting to be fed every morning and every evening and seems to really like his new home.  We have added the Tidy Tank water to the bowl Continue reading

How to Set Up a Home Aquaponics Kit

Our interest hydroponics and aquaponics started at Epcot. We went on the behind the seeds tour, “Behind the Seeds” at the Living with the Land Ride.  This is one of the lower cost behind the scenes tour. The price was around $20 per person and kids are a little less at $16 for ages 3-9.  We tried starting a hydroponics system a couple of years ago with a little success but failed when the kids lost interest. This Continue reading

Stocking the Lake at Diamond Lake

Unschooling is about asking questions, finding answers and asking more questions.  We love this process and use it in every aspect of our life.  Today we learned how the lake at Diamond Lake gets stocked with fish. We were able to ask the manager of the marina and the fish guys lots of questions – here a few: Did the lake naturally have fish in it when it was first discovered?  No we have been Continue reading

Castle built for a fish and her friends


The girls had a friend over the other day and they all made a fish, cat and a mouse out of clay.  Then for fun the girls made furniture for their little animals so they could play house.  I was so impressed they made a bed, side table, book, couches, fridge, oven, kitchen table with chairs, and teddy bear. At first the girls got some boxes and used those for the house, which I thought was Continue reading

How can you tell if it is a boy horseshoe crabs

How can you tell if it is a boy horseshoe crabs? This is the one of many questions the girls asked. Today we went to Oatland Island and the fee to enter was free. There were lots of volunteers to teach about the wetlands. We learned about crabs, sharks, and fish. The kids learned that boy horseshoe crabs have boxer gloves on their front legs. They use there back legs to dig and move the dirt, they have gills, Continue reading