Writing Jungle poem assignment

This morning while the girls watched Harry Potter, they did there writing jungle assignment.  Today we copied a poem, tomorrow they use the same poem but fill in the blanks and try to spell the words right, and then on Wednesday they have to find all the mistakes I made when I typed the poem. We finished 2 more chapters about Sacagawea – so we did a video to show what we learned… We also went to Continue reading

Quest -wand

We have been reading two or three chapters of Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand every morning since last week and we finally read the whole book. It got so exciting at the end that I read five chapters today because we couldn’t waite to see if the wand became nice again and fixed all the bad wishes. Check out the video – it’s long but near the end it is really funny. Continue reading

Art Art art

We made the craft project that our Aunt Nancy sent us (2 years ago I think)… They had to follow the instructions and ended up with…. Belle made a mermaid Mac made a sock puppet, horse We went swimming but only lasted 5 minutes… And last Mckenzey saw a bird outside our porch and looked it up on the internet and this is what she found out…