Summer Day 21 Make Farmer’s Cheese

farmers cheese

Have you ever wanted to make farmer’s cheese homemade?  We made farmer’s cheese which is super easy to make and a lot of fun to watch the curds and whey separate.  The cheese doesn’t age well so you have to eat it in within a week.  Here is how we made it into a science experiment and made some really yummy tasting cheese. To do the science part first you need to print the scientific method sheet. Continue reading

Summer Day 20 Hairy Potato Experiment

hairy potato head

The Potato hair experiment is a great way for the girls to watch and see how grass grows.  We actually did a side experiment and got two of every potato that Wal-Mart sales just to see if grass grows better or faster in one potato over the other.  I also thought it would be fun to have different size heads. Hairy Potato Experiment Potato grass seeds sharp knife cotton balls or paper towels water Styrofoam Continue reading

What the best product to get knots out of Barbie hair

What is the best product to get knots out of Barbie hair or knots out of your American Dolls Hair?  If your doll is loved at all they end up getting knots in the their hair.  The girls decided that it would be fun to do a science activity and see which products work the best.  No, we didn’t write down our finding or come up with a question to begin with, we just had fun Continue reading

Magic School Bus science acid and base experiments

Magic School Bus is always more fun when two friends come over to help figure out the difference between an acid and a base. The first thing I did was boil water and red cabbage and strain out the cabbage pieces, to make an indicator solution to help us decide if the solution was an acid, base or neutral. The first experiment was a taste test of 5 different substances. Our hint was that the acid solutions Continue reading

Mama bird update with a sprinkle of science

Today I have mama bird update with a sprinkle of science. Mama bird has been sitting on her eggs for hours at a time. Meanwhile, she leaves early in the morning, to get food. The girls check on her every couple hours. They are anticipating the babies arrival. Snap Circuit Jr. Experiment We did another Snap Circuit jr experiment with a light and a fan. To show when you add another circuit it doesn’t have enough Continue reading

science – apples

We took three apples and planned on doing a science project with them but well you’ll see… We barred one apple, put one in a bag, and just left the other on the ground to see which one would get moldy first… The next morning we went out side to see if either had gotten molder or the idea was to take a picture every day this is what they found…