Squishy Marshmallows: Reduce Air Pressure

A little secret is that the girls and I love squishy marshmallows. So, why not make an experiment using one of our favorite snacks. Your mouth does a happy dance from these light,  fluffy, layers of little air pockets that make your taste buds sing. Print Squishy Marshmallow: Reduce Air Pressure Ingredients glass jar big and small marshmallows straw modeling clay cotton swab food coloring Premo clay Instructions drop some food coloring on a cotton swab. Continue reading

sand versus gel ant farm experiment, getting started

Follow along with us as we do a science experiment, sand versus gel ant farm.  We wanted to see if ants dig better in gel or their natural habitat, sand.   I always wanted an ant farm when I was little, so I thought a science experiment would be fun.  Santa brought us a gel one that changes color, AntWorks Colors of Life.  Uncle Milton Sand Ant Farm from Amazon and it came with an ant coupon Continue reading