Relaxing day Jacksonville Zoo

This weekend we went to Jacksonville to see my cousin’s new baby boy, and visit his very cool older brother.  Then after everyone held the precious little boy we went to the Jacksonville Zoo to see some animals.  The girls showed Michael their classroom, and then gave him a tour of the zoo and told us all the neat stuff they had been learning in class.  

Thanksgiving school Roseway boat

Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner where everyone get on each other nerves we decided to go on a 137 foot wooden fishing yacht that was built 1925 called Roseway, a boat used to teach kids about sailing .  It was a lot of fun for all of us and the kids really enjoyed riding on the boat. They got to help pull the line to raise the sails, learned how to tie knots, watch Continue reading

Jim Henson Part 3

We finished the Jim Henson book. Here is some fun facts we learned: He like to spend a lot of time with his children Got interested in animatronics In early 1980’s he made the Dark Crystal but was a huge flop  The Dark Crystal had no real people in movie Made Fraggle Rock for kids Next he made Labyrinth which was also a flop He died of pneumonia and kids of world were very sad learned about Continue reading

Jim Henson Part 2

We read some more of Jim Henson and learned a little more about the man and my favorite tv show, Muppets, when I was a child.  It’s amazing what he accomplished over the course of his lifetime. As I was reading the book this time I realized I was taking their innocence away, mostly from Huggs, by explaining how the muppets work.  Huggs still believes that the Disney princess’, Mickey Mouse, Santa Clause and the Continue reading

How do you learn about the Star Spangled Banner and 4th July

How would you learn about the Star Spangled Banner and why we celebrate the 4th July? If you go to normal school you might read a book, write a book report, maybe do some worksheets. We watched a video from our local library about 4th July. Did you know that the 3rd verse is normally not sung because it is considered to dark. It didn’t become our national anthem untill 1931 almost 127 years after the war Continue reading