What the best product to get knots out of Barbie hair

What is the best product to get knots out of Barbie hair or knots out of your American Dolls Hair?  If your doll is loved at all they end up getting knots in the their hair.  The girls decided that it would be fun to do a science activity and see which products work the best.  No, we didn’t write down our finding or come up with a question to begin with, we just had fun Continue reading

How Pirates use geometry and make it fun

After the movie, The Pirates! Band of Misfits’, we decided that the pirate playground would fit into our theme today. The kids got a little outside air and some exercise. Kids went and played for several hours while the mom chatted. We took an ezroller ride and worked on division, which the girls are starting to get the hang of and then after the movie we did a little geometry. Extending the pirate them we Continue reading

A week full of a Royal wedding, Disney, and Easter Eggs: Unschool style

A week full of a Royal wedding, Disney, Easter Eggs and Brainquest. We have had one heck of week full of fun learning and Unschooling. Royal Wedding We started out the week by getting up at 4 am to watch the Royal wedding. I was super excited because I secretly love all things British. The best part was all of the histories in England and about the wedding. They had many facts about the English Continue reading