We have 3 baby eggs


We Have 3 babies The girls and I were discussing the baby eggs and the mama bird and Huggy made a comment that maybe she made the nest when the garage door was stuck open and we just didn’t notice it. So I decided today to open the side door that we use to get into the garage this morning. The girls and I went and got more Wooden Birdhouses for our fairies at Michael’s , and some bird seed for the mama bird. When I got home we moved the big ladder so both girls could see the nest better. Continue reading

Do Motorcycle helmet make good homes


The best place for a nest is Munchy’s motorcycle helmet… She ran out to the garage get a hammer so we could pound open there Geodes.  Munchy ran back in the house and said “I see a stick by my helmet, and I think there is a nest.”  We all ran out to the garage and can you believe it there is a nest in her helmet.  I am so excited, sense something ate all the eggs right before they hatched last year.  Everyone cross your fingers…. When hubby and I went to Colorado for a business meeting we got Continue reading

Easter Science

I thought it would be fun to do a little science today with eggs and peeps marshmallow candy. Some of our experiment worked, some did not and some we are still working on so look for an update in a couple of days… The first experiment was trying to get a hard-boiled egg to get sucked down a glass bottle… check out the link for all the details. This is how we did our experiment – We boiled some water put an empty bottle, with the opening slightly smaller than the egg, in the middle of the boiling water. We Continue reading

Cinnamon French toast


Cinnamon French Toast This is a supper yummy recipe that the kids can help make and eat! What you need: Eggs (4-6) Milk (1/4 cup) Bread Cinnamon and Sugar (1 table spoon) Butter Syrup Frying pan First let your little helper crack the eggs into a bowl. Check for egg shells – we don’t want them crunchy Add 1 teaspoon cinnamon and 1 table spoon sugar Add 1/4 cup milk – makes eggs fluffy Whisk your eggs till mixed Cut bread into slices 3 or thirds Heat frying pan to medium, then dip eggs into eggs and place in pan Continue reading

more science – mama bird update

Mama bird has been sitting on her eggs for hours at a time. She leaves early in the morning, to get food, and late at night. The girls check on her every couple hours, and are anticipating the babies arrival. We did another Snap Circuit jr experiment with a light and a fan. To show when you add another circuit it doesn’t have enough power to send the propeller flying because it was using some energy to make the light work. The girls also did the last couple experiments that we got from the magic school bus. The first was Continue reading

Baked hardboiled eggs

I found a recipe on pinterst on how to “hardboiled” eggs in the oven instead of boiling them in a big pot. Michael thought it was such a neat idea he thought we should try it. So we did and it worked great. The eggs did get some burn marks on them, but no spots on shell or yolk and it worked great…. Try it,… Here is the recipe I used…. hardboiled eggs We also dyed Easter eggs, which is always fun. The Easter bunny came Sunday and the girls found all the eggs inside the house before Michael and Continue reading

baby eggs – nest

WE HAVE ONE BABY EGG IN OUR NEST… ITS WHITE WITH BLACK SPECKS….. Hallow easter eggs are harder to make than you think, especially if you don’t read the direction right. All you need is fabric stiffener and embroidery floss.   I bought fabric softer (doesn’t work see tomorrow – and maybe will try again…. hallow eggs We also worked on our easter tree…. This was pretty easy – you need 3 tubes of sparkly foam easter eggs from AC Moore, cone for making flower arrangements, and hot glue gun.  I suggest not using the easter grass – it makes the whole thing messy and hard to Continue reading

Bird watching

The girls had more fun today watching a small bird build her nest. She started building it a couple days ago in a basket on one of the girls bikes. We didn’t realize at first what was going on so the girls kept getting upset because leaves and branches kept getting in their basket. So I suggested we move it to see if a bird would build a nest. Today she got most of the nest built. The girls kept running out to see how much more she had done to her nest. Mac actually went out at one point, Continue reading