Unschool survival skill: learning how to gut a fish at Brooks Lake

To be honest with everyone, I know absolutely nothing about fishing, what kind of reel you should use and especially how to gut a fish.   I honestly really have no desire to learn how to kill and gut any animal, and I like the idea that food magically ends up in the grocery store and no animals were hurt before I eat them (Chrissie land is wonderful place, LOL).  I do however want the girls Continue reading

Birthday week fun and educational with the Grandparents

When you travel full time big birthday parties with all your friends from back home, Savannah GA , are out of the question.  Luckily we are staying and working at a wonderful KOA with three sets of fill in Grandparents and one mom to be fill in (who should have her little boy anyday).  Huggs was especially excited this year because her Granny and Grandpa flew all the way to Wyoming to celebrate her 11th Continue reading

Stone chipping demonstration or Flintknapping with Tom Lucas

Flint Knapping is slowly becoming a lost art and (as we found out) is a very dangerous one.  Tom Lucas who is a local artist and ancient native tool expert gave an amazing stone chipping demonstration otherwise known as flintknapping.  A technique used by native Americans and passed down through generations, though Mr. Lucas was self-taught. Tom Lucas taught himself, as a boy, flint knapping through trial and error.  He was extremely entertaining and told several Continue reading

Take step back in time and learn history of Dubois

Step back in time with us as you learn the history of Dubois and how the cowboys ruled the land and men made a living clear cutting forests. We stumbled onto this museum after taking a fun family hike around the back of the KOA, where we are staying for the summer. The history of Dubois (duh-boy-s) actually started outside the museum, with several small log cabins that represented some of the towns homes or business Continue reading