Slumber party

 Slumber Party Yes, I am nuts I let 12 girls spend the night.  I was shocked at how good they all behaved and how much fun everyone had at the slumber party. The girls started off the day with their  roller skates, watched a movie, read some stories, played littlest  pet shop, played a few games on the iPad, and then ended up doing a fashion show. Ok it really was a nice night since Continue reading

Quest -wand

We have been reading two or three chapters of Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand every morning since last week and we finally read the whole book. It got so exciting at the end that I read five chapters today because we couldn’t waite to see if the wand became nice again and fixed all the bad wishes. Check out the video – it’s long but near the end it is really funny. Continue reading

unschool test

First we had a fashion show and each bear, stuffed animal and doll changes outfits at least 3 times.  I think the winner was . . . no one!. They all looked beautiful…. Next we made clay animals. Belle made two butterflies and a mommy teddy bear holding a baby Mac made a tooth fairy bear I also gave the girls an unschool test, I found on the iPad for First and Second graders.  Yes, just Continue reading