Gloups adventure at the White Oaks Conservation Center

Gloups had so much fun yesterday he could barley sleep.  He was up bright and early and had breakfast with the girls, (milk, cereal and orange juice). Everyone lined up in their cars and headed to White Oaks Conservation Center. At  White Oaks Conservation, Gloups got to pet a cheetah, feed a giraffe, visit an okapi (cousin to the giraffe),  gazelle, and an baby rhino.  He learned about dinosaurs, and he learned that White Oaks breed Florida Panther, which Continue reading

Lecture from Super Hero of snake bites at MS Museum of Natural Science

Have you ever been bitten by a snake or spider and wondered what to do?  I hope you haven’t because that would really hurt and who wants to spend the day in the hospital.  No one got bit here but we did meet the super hero of spider and snake bites and listened to an amazing talk, at the MS Museum of Natural Science in Jackson Mississippi, on what you should do if you do Continue reading

Kids that actually love school

enjoy school

Yes, that’s right kids that love school, who get up in the morning, get dressed and ask with a smile on the bright faces when does school start or in our case co-op? Sugar and Hugs were so excited they both did book reports for class today. Sugar’s was on facts about dinosaurs and Hugs did a story she made up using her vocabulary words in the back of her woodchuck book. Then the kids Continue reading

Life size Dinosaurs roared into Savannah

Life size Dinosaurs came to Savannah this weekend. The show has traveled all over the USA to give kids a chance to view, see, touch and explore dinosaur life. This interactive exhibit including 60 animated and museum quality dinosaur replicas, that roared and moved. We were able to touch them, see how big they were, and learn what they could have eaten when they lived. The girls enjoyed  a  dinosaurs ride and exploring the time line. The girls got Continue reading

Can you homeschool at Disney?

Can you homeschool at Disney? The happiest place on earth is one of the most educational parks. The Disney Imagineers work endlessly on making the parks not only fun but educational. Today McKenzey turned 8. So, we went to the happiest place on earth to celebrate her birthday. We visited three parks on Saturday and had a blast First stop, Hollywood Studios Our first park was Hollywood Studio is best known for its thrilling rides, Continue reading