Writing Jungle – Scramble States

This morning we started doing a writing assignment  where we do dictation every day.  The first day (today) we chose a poem from Shel Silverstein poems, “Stupid Pencil Maker” and “Signals”.  The 1st day you just copy the poem, 2nd day you leave some blanks read the poem to the girls and then let them try to spell the words correctly left out. Second day you read the poem and the girls try to write Continue reading

Dragon Speech Reconition

  We found the coolest app for the Ipad and bonus it’s only $1.99!!  We tried Dragon Dictation which is free but you can’t print with that app.  Voice Dictation – you say what you want to write and then send it to book app that let you edit the text and then print it off.  The girls loved it so much we started on our History Scrapbook.  I figure it’s the future of how Continue reading