Co-op classes are for Unschooler’s also

Since the girls wanted to take co-op classes, research started in August. This year the girls wanted to be around kids their age. I started surfing Facebook to find some homeschool/co-op classes. We found ballroom dancing, a finance class, Wow ( learn from professionals), horseback riding, painting, silver clay class, The Unusual Dress Project, study driving test, and some field trips with varies homeschool groups. I usually do the research and then give them options Continue reading


Since it was such a nice day we went swimming only 5 times. One of the times was in the rain and one we made a music video…. In between our swimming we took our arrows to the playground to practice. The girls came up with an idea to use the shuffle board to keep score. They each had there own score board, and got really creative on how to keep score.

Camping- Camp Lowe

Isabelle and I went camping with her girl scout troop, and we had so much fun. All the girls got up at the crack of dawn and meet at Camp Lowe for the day to do lots of fun activities. The girls made paper dolls, Jacobs ladders, painted flower gardens, and learned some fun dance moves. We celebrated girl scouts 100th birthday with a fun party that included crowns, hats, pearls, bubbles, and lots and Continue reading

Sports Rock Spring Fling- gymnastics

The girls had there first gymnastic competition (sort of…). They basically learned a routine, practiced for  2 weeks and then did it for a judge.  Anyway very laid back all the kids that take from Mrs. Jamie competed and then the cheerleaders showed us there routines.  Everyone got ribbons, metal and goody bag. So here are some videos and pictures of all the stuff they did…. Bars…Floor….Vault… then Balance Beam.. Mac started off crying not wanting to Continue reading

New Year Eve – Epcot – Disney World

Can you learn anything at Epcot on New Year’s Eve? Yes, you can learn a lot in Epcot. We watched people; we saw some very cool educational movies about the countries; we went on rides that talked about the country. There is an area about each part of the earth, the land, water, space.  Heck, you are bound to learn something and it’s a lot more fun that sitting in a class room! Here are Mac Continue reading