Kids Free Fishing Tournament at Diamond Lake

What could be more fun than a free fishing tournament for kids?  No need for fishing license for the whole weekend and the opportunity to win fishing gear.  We entered free fishing tournament at Diamond Lake hoping to catch the largest trout in the river but we only caught seaweed and rocks instead.  The girls had fun anyway because they both won free fishing gear.  Which means daddy now has a fishing rod and more stuff Continue reading

Story of how Petrified Wood was made

petrified forest

We visited the petrified forest walked the trail and did the Jr. Ranger Program.  The girls learned about dinosaurs, and how the forest was petrified.  We learned why all the petrified wood had so many beautiful colors.  This is an amazing place and is a must see not only for history and science. Munchy and  Huggs creative story of how petrified forest was made: Many moons ago when the smurfs came to be they found giant Continue reading