The girls help me move the playroom/school/art room over to our storage room, which I call the green room. Michael made the girls help him move all big stuff yesterday. I am very happy because now they are out from under my feet, and hopefully I will quit tripping. We went to the park and met up with a lot of old friends from country day, and they played for a good hour or so Continue reading

Clay clay clay

We had an art day…. The girls made lots and lots of jewelry out of clay. The plan is to start making bracelets and necklaces and sale them on etsy. We will see if that works but that’s the plan now. We also read 10 books yesterday some to me and some on our iPad. The girls are really improving, but man do we need to work on spelling. I guess that comes with age. Continue reading

Art filled craft Unschool Day

The reason we Unschool is so we can do art all day.  I love doing craft projects which makes my girls like them even more.  Mac asked for a pajama day and just to have fun.  Unschooling can be fun and educational. I decided to do the craft project that our Aunt Nancy sent us 2 years ago. The girls started in their pajamas. We got out the craft project and started following the instructions.  It Continue reading

Crocodile carved out of wood

Well, the girls watched our friend carve a crocodile out of wood all day. We watched for a good hour the first time and then 30 minutes for the second and third time.  When we came back to get the final project Mr. Andrew let each girl help carve the new one he was working on and help shine up the one we got.  He only used 2 Wood Carving tools, which was very cool and one paint color.  In Continue reading

Make cards with sparkles and glitter

So have you ever wanted to use so much glitter that your whole body was covered in it? The girls made valentine cards with tons of sparkle and glitter. Mac worked on her favorite game on the Apple iPad 2 which was Sally Sauna – you have to get people through the sauna without making them mad…which is very hard but lots of fun…. Belle made a nest with eggs, a momma bird and a baby Bird.  Continue reading