Biking math

Yep we decided that we needed some fresh air so the girls and I went down to Hopscotch Lane and ride around. McKenzey just learned how to ride without training wheels ( I am so proud). So they rode around people’s drive ways and when they passed me they had to say the answer to a multiplication problem. We did 0 times tables, 1, 2, 3, 4s and 5s, of course Belle did great on Continue reading


No I didn’t get to make cookies, eat cookies, or even see cookies, I just wanted a title for the blog today. I have been dreaming about cookies, chocolate chip, and ask the girls every day if they want to make some, so soon we will. We have done alot in the last two days. We have started reading first thing in the mornings, well they read to me. While one reads the other does Continue reading