Two Museum in New Market filled with history on the Civil War

New Market is full of history, Civil War, that shaped this country and the people within.  We visited New Market, Virginia where one would think not much happen in the past.  To our amazement, we watched a movie that told how many young brave soldiers lost their shoes and their lives.  New Market is dripping with history, of a battle between Union and Confederate soldiers in the Civil War. New Market Battlefield and Virginia Museum Continue reading

unschool test

First we had a fashion show and each bear, stuffed animal and doll changes outfits at least 3 times.  I think the winner was . . . no one!. They all looked beautiful…. Next we made clay animals. Belle made two butterflies and a mommy teddy bear holding a baby Mac made a tooth fairy bear I also gave the girls an unschool test, I found on the iPad for First and Second graders.  Yes, just Continue reading