Paisley’s Gotcha Day

The girls all got to celebrate gotcha day with Paisley today.  The Gotcha Day is the day that a child is placed into a family’s home for adoption, in other words, the day the family Gotcha.  She was so excited that she brought two poster all about China. The first one showed all the inventions that China has made through the years.  We went over what they were and some that were taken by other countries, like Continue reading

Christmas around – world

Since we haven’t done anything for the last couple days, mainly because I haven’t felt like it. I decided we would look up how different kids all over the world celebrated Christmas. I thought everyone else would enjoy it so I include some of the facts we found. We did however manage to watch all three Santa movies. So here are the top 25 thing we remember about the Santa movies and what we found Continue reading

Origami great way to learn unschool math

We took Uncle Tom’s advice and tried doing some origami.  First you need thin paper, not construction paper, so you can do the folds. And you need a really good origami app on your iPad 2, or a book that gives really good illustrations of what you need to do. We only had the instruction book and an app, but the paper was way too thick.  So we only made a frog… We also went Continue reading