Can you learn two languages at once while homeschooling?

learn italian and spanish

Can you learn two languages at once? That my friend is a very, very good question and many very intelligent people have been debating that very question for ages.  I have found several blogs that have told about the good, the bad and the ugly.  I did notice that most of the posts out there talk about adults learning two or more languages at a time, and lets face it learning anything new as an Continue reading

Savannah Children Museum

What could be more fun than meeting a few friends at the NEW Savannah Children Museum.  There we six little girls total and man did they have fun.  Who says you can’t learn and play at the same time…. silly boring person.  The museum is located inside the Georgia State Railroad Museum, next to the Visitor’s Center.  It’s only $7.50 for the day or $75 for the family membership, and you get the children, railroad and History museum Continue reading


The Sandbox, This museum is actually for kids ages 2-8, but it was fun for my 9 year old just the same. They had a lot of stuff to play with in a little 2 story building. On the first floor, moon sand, building area, ship, rock wall, camping gear, dress up, ball maze, cooking, restaurant stuff, chief, cash register, and arts and crafts room. The second floor had a vet, lots stuffed animals to Continue reading