Skinny Cupcakes Marshmallow Frosting

Ghost Cupcakes I made these cupcakes with 3 ingredients and I thought they turned out great.  My wonderful husband thought they had a weird after taste. The girls loved them and thought they were  awesome. The greek yogurt I used does have a weird after taste so maybe that’s it, but I must say the cupcakes were super moist. Try it and let me know how your cupcakes turn out… Here is what you need Chocolate cake mix 1 cup of water 1 cup greek yogurt (next just plain non-fat vanilla yogurt) Mix cake mix, 1 cup of water and yogurt Continue reading

Ugly Cake Pops

Ugly Cake Pops They may be ugly but man are they good and fun to make. What you need. Cake mix Frosting Candy wafers Sticks Wax paper Cookie sheet Helpers Bake a cake – follow directions Cut cake into squares and place a huge bowl Have your helper break the cake up into small pieces Put frosting in bowl Have your helper mix the frosting and cake with your hands Dip your hands in water so they don’t stick to cake mix Roll into ball and put on cake pan with wax paper on top Put sticks in balls and Continue reading

Icecream Brownie Birthday cake

My little girl is 9 years old today and we made Ice cream birthday cake Here are the easy steps…. Put 2 pieces of aluminum wrap on the inside of one cake pan Set your ice cream out for about 30 minutes – to let it melt a bit Scoop ice cream into cake pan smooth the top so it’s level Put Press and seal on top of ice cream and put in freezer Cook brownie mix as instructed on box Let brownies cool completely Carefully get ice cream out of cake pan and take aluminum foil off and put Continue reading