Hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains National park can be educationally exhausting

We love to go hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and have found it to be filled with history and beauty. Hiking can be a great activity to do with the whole family and is a great way to see some amazing places. We picked three hikes this week that would be educational, beautiful with lots of water falls, picturesque, and easy to walk. We like doing easy to moderate hikes and to Continue reading

Unschooling in Texas visit to two of our favorite museums in Houston

unschooling in texas

Unschooling in Texas means visiting lots of museums and historical sites along the way.  We only had time to pick two museums this time because the first day it threatened to snow and they closed down the city and cancelled school just like our hometown, Savannah.  I guess they have no snow equipment or anyway to de-ice bridges that tend to freeze when it gets cold enough. The first museum we visited was the Houston Space Continue reading

Books Books Books

We go to the library every Wednesday and get some educational video and lot of books and here are some that we are reading right now… Mac:    The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson… She did an excellent job but I started looking at the end and decided it was too scary The Grapes of Math  by Harry Briggs Bird Watch by Jerry Jennings Butterflies by All Aboard Science Reading Belle:  Dick and Jane – She has Continue reading

McKenzey’s 8th Birthday

McKenzey turned 8…. what did we do Saturday we went to Michael’s happy place  – 3 parks in one day .. Hollywood Studios… Animal Kingdom We learned – yes we had school and learned about dinosaurs, bugs and flowers and butterflies…. We talked to the people who work there and they tell you really interesting stuff. Last we went to our happy place Epcot and did Kim Possible adventure and saved the world again in Epcot. Continue reading