How do kids make money in the summer, have loads of fun and continue learning?

Our family tries to get s summer job working at a private campground, KOA or state park every year. Being in one place for two to four months allows us to enjoy some of the summer camps from local boys and girls club, school, and the local community center. We asked locals around town, the librarian, and the director at the boys and girls club, Jeda, to help us find fun activities for the kids. Continue reading

More cute pens for sale

polymer clay pens for sale

Munchy has been working very hard on her clay.  She has made four more new pens that she designed and made completely by herself.  She actually found a book I had with all my clay stuff and used that to help design her pens. She gets up every morning and works on her clay.  Learning a skill that you can use later in life is what unschooling is all about.  She has a little business Continue reading

Kid Jewelry by Gypsy Treasures sold on Amazon

The girls began their little business today and we decided with much deliberation that we would call it Gypsy Treasures.  Kid Jewelry is made by little people for little people.  We can make big kid jewelry if requested, so please ask… Most of the jewelry is made out of Premo Polymer clay and then cooked in the oven to make very hard.  All the bracelets are stretchy so that each kids or big kid can just slide them Continue reading

MACbelle Lemonade stand open

Well it open, Lemonade stand, open most days and only if it’s not raining. The lemonade stand is no open if we want to go swimming or think it too hot.  Some days we are just bored because no one has bought anything in the last 10 minutes. Our fourth time doing business we sold lemonade and pineapple and made $23. At their lemonade stand, the girls are learning how to talk to customers and deal Continue reading