Bacon Pancakes

pancake bacon

We love trying new recipes and adding our own spin on old recipes.  Breakfast is one of mine and my kids favorite meal.  So I thought what would be better than bacon and pancakes.  I decided to make it really easy and use the ready pour pancake mix. We call this recipe Bacon Pancakes will see how they turn out….. The kids loved them but I think next time we might try smaller pieces of bacon.  The key Continue reading

Cinnamon crescent rolls

This morning the girls decided it was a pajama day.  Since we had no wear to go, which was fine with me, they decided to make breakfast.  We decided to make our favorite recipe of Cinnamon Crescent Rolls – the easiest way to make cinnamon rolls and taste a tons better. This get very messy especially if you let your little people help you. Print Cinnamon crescent rolls Here is what you need to get started Continue reading