Unschoolers stuck inside can become creative this summer

We were stuck inside for three days not because the rain but because of the snow.  Yes it snowed last weekend for the second time this summer.  As an unschooler you become very creative and crafty when your stuck inside for three days. What did my little unschoolers do for three days while it snowed… They played with legos, did a little science, and made some dresses.  Huggs got a manikin for her birthday and Continue reading

Fun co-op day

fun co-op day

A Fun co-op day filled with fun and just general play is just as important but not quite as learning and discovering about the world around them. So today the girls worked on their fashion and made several outfits for the monster high dolls and babies. They had fun making swimsuits, skirts, shirts and even a dress or two. Then for fun they all worked on an outfit for Gwen since her birthday is in Continue reading