Which is better Grinch book or Grinch movie

Which is better Grinch book or Grinch movie?? It’s a toss-up for me but I love all of them for different reasons. Today the girls and I read the Grinch book, watched the 2D movie and then the live action movie to see the differences, similarities and just to see which one we like the most. Here is what the girls thought… Belle made friendship bears necklaces for a couple of her friends and Mac made a heart charm bracelet that we are going to put on the web… Last (with daddies help) we made Bobo the robot out of Continue reading

Library books – June

Books Ariel – The Shimmering Star Necklace    by Gail Herman Baby Dolphin’s First Day  by Connie Roop Monkeys  by DK Publishing Fire Trucks  by Joanne Randolph The Magic School Bus – Inside the Earth  by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen Princess Gift  by Martha and Mitch Weiss Mummies – Amazing history  by John Malam Butterfly House  by Eve Bunting Monarch Butterflies – A New True Book Video Pippi Longstocking - high sea adventure Disney – History Connections – Colonial America Story Book Treasures – Zin Zin Zin a Violin Disney – Friction - Imagineering Bill Nye – Ocean Exploration American Government for Children Pete’s Dragon Continue reading

Skippy Jon jones

I forgot how close Statesboro is to Savannah, only 1 1/2 hrs. Today we went there with some homeschool friends to see the play Skippy Jon Jones. It was a musical that the college (Georgia Southern) put on for lots of elementary kids. They did an excellent job and all the kids love it. After we went to lunch and then the botanical gardens next to the school. Wow, what a beautiful place. The kids played in the hay barn for a good hour, making big piles to jump in, hay angels, and had fun moving hay from one pen Continue reading

Book review mushrooms

Last night the girls thought it would be fun to read a book before bed and in the morning they would do a review on what they read. McKenzey read a biography on Sacagawea, she only read the first 7 pages but I was just happy she has started reading on her own. Belle read I love you my little Bunnies, she read to her stuffed toys and dolls and said they loved the book so much that they wanted her to read it again tonight. We also read our library book on mushrooms. This time I mixed it up Continue reading

World War II

Molly McIntire is a fictional character that lived during World War II, and happens to be McKenzey McIntyre’s American girl doll. We got a book on Molly McIntire and the WW2, we read the first couple of pages. We learned about Molly and her family. We learned about why her father was not at home but was fighting in the war. We learned how women helped the war effort and how everyone had to sacrifice for the common good. We will continue the book tomorrow. This morning we did Rosetta stone and Khan academy. McKenzey got a 100% on her Continue reading

Quest -wand

We have been reading two or three chapters of Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand every morning since last week and we finally read the whole book. It got so exciting at the end that I read five chapters today because we couldn’t waite to see if the wand became nice again and fixed all the bad wishes. Check out the video – it’s long but near the end it is really funny. So the rest of the day the girls played little pet shop. McKenzey made everyone lunch and we all ate at Mac’s place. The service Continue reading


This morning we watch a movie we got at the library.. Discovery kids, turtles.  The girls listen while I worked on payroll and then they had to tell me 3-5 facts that they could remember from the video.  After I got done with my work we got our huge book on animals – Smithsonian Institution Animals – and each girl wrote down 5 facts on turtle, and drew a picture of one…       Belle turtles facts…  Turtle are herbivore (eat leaves and fruit)    The green turtle is endangered   Turtles have no teeth   snake-necked turtle live in Australia   Leatherback turtles Continue reading