Monster High Beds made by hand

How do you make furniture for your dolls if you are not allowed to buy any from a store. Well if you are an unschooler you google it and find a video on YouTube just like Huggs did.  She not only found “How To” video oh how to make these bed she talked her Grandpa and Granny into helping her.     This week was Huggs 10th birthday and my parents were able to meet us in Continue reading

Our tale of Robbery on Grand Canyon Railway on Munchy’s 11th Birthday

Grand Canyon

We had so much fun riding on the Grand Canyon Railroad. Our tale started on the cold morning of Munchy’s birthday.  We had just sat down to watch a show of cowboys trying to figure out how to robe a bank but threatened to take money from the tourist riding the train instead, it was hilarious.  I was a little concerned that they might actually proceed, but they decided not to so I didn’t worry Continue reading

Icecream Brownie Birthday cake

My little girl is 9 years old today and we made Ice cream birthday cake Here are the easy steps…. Put 2 pieces of aluminum wrap on the inside of one cake pan Set your ice cream out for about 30 minutes – to let it melt a bit Scoop ice cream into cake pan smooth the top so it’s level Put Press and seal on top of ice cream and put in freezer Cook Continue reading

Rainbow Irish cupcakes

RAINBOW CUPCAKES This was a lot of fun to make with the kids – and super easy and great for St. Patrick’s day, which is our favorite holiday not because we are irish and Scottish but also because McKenzey birthday is a couple of days before St. Patrick Day. Ingredients White cake mix Food coloring (red, blue, green, and yellow) Baking cups frosting – any flavor or color sprinkles (just because its fun) Instructions Prepare Continue reading

Math Week belle birthdy

Belle birthday we made a ice cream cake.  So here is a little story – Belle and I had just finished making the cake and put it in the oven to bake.  I looked up and noticed that her front tooth was gone.  I said Belle you lost a tooth where is it?  We looked for it for a good 20 minutes and I kept saying its cooking in the cake.  So we couldn’t find it and Continue reading