Wildlife refuge at Georgia Southern

wild life refuge

Our crazy rv adventure has sent us into overdrive and with all of our packing, moving, deciding what to get rid of and what to keep we still managed to take a field trip to Wildlife refuge at Georgia Southern. We got to learn about different habitats, touch creepy crawly snakes, see birds fly and spend time with our homeschool friends. Our guide at the Wildlife refuge at Georgia Southern started the kids off by talking about the Continue reading

Do Motorcycle helmet make good homes

The best place for a nest is Munchy’s motorcycle helmet… She ran out to the garage get a hammer so we could pound open there Geodes.  Munchy ran back in the house and said “I see a stick by my helmet, and I think there is a nest.”  We all ran out to the garage and can you believe it there is a nest in her helmet.  I am so excited, sense something ate all Continue reading


We now have 5 eggs – I can’t wait till the babies hatch…… Does anyone know is this bird is a phoebe and if so how many eggs they lay?? Yesterday we went to the beach with a friend and played in the water and sand.  The girls had more fun running back and forth from the water getting stuff to make their hot tub.  They found tons of shells and 5 sand dollars digging Continue reading

Animal hospital

We now have 3 eggs in our little egg nest!! I found one the of the best article that describes or explains unschooling – it’s really hard to explain and sometime and I get long-winded and  leave the person even more confused than before I started explaining so here you go check it out….http://unschoolingme.blogspot.com/2012/02/unschooling-is-not-that-difficult-folks.html?spref=fb Today we had to take Jack (coke) to 204 Animal Clinic.  I asked if they would show us the facilities and explain Continue reading

Unschoolers learn multiplication and telling time

This is how Unschoolers learn multiplication and telling time. We don’t use worksheets or take tests. The best way to learn is by making learning fun. We now have two eggs in our little basket. Today the girls put a bird feeder full of birdseed. They wanted it right by the basket so the mommy bird would not have to far to go to find food. As Unschoolers learn we learned multiplication by taking a walk or Continue reading

Nest with baby eggs: Unschool style

WE HAVE ONE BABY EGG IN OUR NEST We are so excited because this AM we found out our nest has baby eggs. So far the only one that we can see. We didn’t want to bother the nest too much so I lifted Belle up to take a picture. Then I lifted Mac up and she said only one egg that was white with back spots. Since we Unschool, we immediately came inside and Continue reading