Bike, play – Rock candy

We started off the morning with riding bikes Mac was leading the way…. So she decided we needed to go play at the playground… 2 miles Then 2 more miles home… For science 2nd try for Rock candy First we read about crystal, how there formed, etc This is our second try to make rock candy and… Spoiler alert…. It worked! What you need… 2 cups water 6 cups sugar… Ratio 3:1. Works best Big Continue reading

Bike Riding Sewing

The Biggest News of all is….. Belle can Ride without training wheels – she can’t make turns yet – but I am thinking by the end of the week we will be riding to the marina – she is sooooo excited. Here is the video McKenzey took of her riding down the street I started a new thing (which I must say is working very well), if the kids are bad, Belle throws a fit, or if Continue reading