Unschoolers stuck inside can become creative this summer

We were stuck inside for three days not because the rain but because of the snow.  Yes it snowed last weekend for the second time this summer.  As an unschooler you become very creative and crafty when your stuck inside for three days. What did my little unschoolers do for three days while it snowed… They played with legos, did a little science, and made some dresses.  Huggs got a manikin for her birthday and Continue reading

ILLUMINARY – vision of beauty during the holidays


ILLUMINARY – a vision of beauty during the Holidays Christmas was extra fun this year because we helped out with the illuminary.  We started off our volunteering at the beach where over 35 people young and old helped to put sand in bags and place a small candle in them.  We had tons of kids so the process went really fast and we were done in 45 minutes.  We then put the bags in place Continue reading