Make fairy bread like they do in Australia and taste Vegemite

How to make Fairy Bread

Make fairy bread like they do in Australia and taste Vegemite Fairy Bread is a soft white bread, smothered in creamy butter and covered with as many colorful sprinkles (which are called 100 or 1000 in Australia) as the bread will allow.  This is a fun food made Down Under and used in kids party and really fun to make when learning about Australia. Take 2 on Australia day, where the girls and I made Continue reading

Australia Day with art work, facts, and fun videos

We started our Food around the world series, I actually had planned for us to go to each one of these wonderful countries but since the airfare is a little out of my price range, the kids would probably drive  me nuts (like they are driving me now), I decided it best just to go in our minds. Huggs and Munchy actually started yesterday by learning about and making ANZAC Biscuits, they were so yummy Continue reading

Name the biscuit that Australian soldiers ate during WWI

anzac biscuits

We have started our Co-op series of “FOOD AROUND THE WORLD“.  The girls and I thought we would start off by showing everyone how to make a yummy treat, Anzac biscuits.  We have never tasted these before today but the girls say they are really good. They also worked on their facts for tomorrow, which all the girls are going to do a travel video about Australia.  We are also going to do a craft Continue reading