Interview with Michael Burrell a Local Artist in Kentucky

It is always exciting to meet someone famous and especially exciting when you get to interview them.  We had the privilege of meeting a local artist, Michael Burrell, founder of Flying Armadillo Sign Company. He has done art work or billboards for major companies such as Nike, Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Miller Lite, Rainbow Bread, Hanna Barbara, Piedmont Airlines, Pepsi, Ale-8 Bottling Company, as well as many more. Here in Lexington, Kentucky Michael was asked by  LexArts to Continue reading

Brain Pop educational video for homeschool

Little Belle’s favorite class is art class and now we have combined that with a little history by watching some you tube videos. I really love what the art teacher is doing by having the kids paint the masters.  I also just signed us up for brain pop. If you haven’t heard about Brain Pop you should definitely check it out. It has over 700 educational videos with games and quizzes. Heck, I even watched some Continue reading

Meet the masters art class

We started a new program in art class but it will take full effect next week, Meet the Masters. We will be studying an artist every week at home and then doing a painting, drawing, sculpture, etc like the artist did. We want the kids to listen to classical music that goes along with the artist to really get them in the mood. This week we did Jean Michel Basquiat and today we finished by reading Continue reading