What Learn To Mod Really Teach Kids Other Than Programming?

Everyone has heard about Minecraft, and if you are an UNSCHOOLER you have probably played it more than once. Ok, if you are older than eight and homeschooled, you are probably addicted to the game and have had many conversations with your parents asking if you were going to do anything else today.  So the question is: Is it ok if your child plays Mine Craft all day, every day? The answer you keep reading Continue reading

World famous slopper and architecture at a church


Rubber Ducky and I love going and trying out new and exciting foods and one of our favorite shows is Food Wars.  Traveling across the USA has allowed us to try out some of the most delicious foods across America.  This time we got to try the slopper, an open face hamburger that is placed in a large bowl and spicy pork chili is smothered over the top. We are on our way to – Continue reading

Little Lighthouses of Lake Havasu and London Bridge

london bridge

If you every visit Lake Havasu in Arizona then you have to find all the little lighthouses along beach. Lake Havasu has 19 Lighthouses along the shore that are replicas of lighthouses that are along the edges of the US.  Each one was picked for varies reason but they are all to scale and neat added feature to the area.  We enjoyed looking at each plaque, and looking at the beautiful landscape. We stayed at Continue reading

White Dove of the Desert

I love looking at historic missions and churches for their beauty and architecture. We were able to study geography, history, American Indian culture, Spanish history, religion, restoration and architecture at this beautiful mission, Mission San Xavier del Bac or the White Dove of the Desert.  The best part was the free admission and they have tours 3 times a day. We were lucky enough to be with a very small group and our tour guide had Continue reading

Where is Mac and Belle adventure game

We are starting are 3rd year of homeschool today!!! So I thought we would try something new and start an adventure game for all our followers to try to guess what we are learning about. Here is how you play: First we will research a landmark, sculpture, place, architecture somewhere in the world. We will give you 10 – 20 clues of what our villain of the week has stolen Then you guys guess what was Continue reading

Versailles one room took 26 years to make, facts about France

Today we are learning some more facts about France.  We are getting ready for a trip to France see our cousins who live in Brittany. The girls thought it would be fun to learn some facts about places they might visit.  Today we are only learning about two famous buildings, Versailles and Notre Dame. Huggs picked to learn a few facts about Notre Dame and do a video. While Munchy wanted to do two videos Continue reading